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Do you have eczema or atopic dermatitis (AD)?

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Do you have eczema or atopic dermatitis (AD)?

Eucrisa, a novel topical treatment for AD/eczema for children and adults, is now available. Topical treatments are commonly used to alleviate eczema/AD symptoms, decrease inflammation and prevent flares, but no new topical medication has been approved for treatment of eczema/AD in the past 15 years until now. Eucrisa regulates inflammation by inhibiting phophodiesterase 4 which is responsible for causing inflammation. It is known that phosphodiesterase 4 activity is increased in eczema/AD. By decreasing phosphodiesterase 4 activity and therefore inhibiting inflammation eczema/AD is improved.

In 2 clinical studies decreased itching and improvement of skin lesions was seen in as early as 8 days. The application is twice a day and there is a low incidence of side effects.

If you have mild or moderate eczema/atopic dermatitis Dr Marie Hayag would be happy to discuss this novel treatment with you.

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