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What is EMSculpt?

EMSculpt is a non-invasive painless body sculpting/contouring procedure that helps women and men sculpt their body without a high impact workout at the gym.

Results include definition of abdominal muscles, butt lifting, sculpted arms, and toned legs.

How does it work?

EMSculpt works by administering High Intensity, Focused Electro-Magnetic Energy (HIFEM) to the site of treatment causing the muscles to contract in a series of different patterns beyond the voluntary muscle contractions experienced in an intensive exercise routine.  The treatment is able to cause growth (muscle hypertrophy) and strengthening of muscle tissue. A side effect of muscle strengthening is fat burning.

Benefits of EMSculpt include:

  • FDA approved procedure
  • No downtime
  • Pain free
  • Non-invasive

What to expect during treatments?

A treatment plan is established only after an initial consultation during which the patient will discuss their desired aesthetic goals with their doctor. After determining whether EMSculpt is the right procedure for you, your doctor will tailor a treatment plan that best meets your needs. During the procedure itself the EMSculpt device stimulates the muscles causing the sensation of undergoing an intensive workout. The procedure lasts 30 minutes with doctors recommending a four sessions scheduled 2 to 3 days apart within a 2 week period for ideal results.  Patients can return to normal routine activities after treatment.

Expected results after EMSculpt

Tangible results are evident right after undergoing EMSculpt, with patients noticing positive changes a few weeks post treatment. However, for patients to benefit from ideal results, we highly recommend patients undergo at least four EMSculpt treatment sessions that are spaced a few days apart. As with all procedures, patients should maintain a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise playing a key role in their lives.

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