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Rosacea is a chronic, non-contagious facial rash that usually begins before the age of 30 and starts as redness or flushing on the cheeks, nose, chin, or forehead.  Over time if left untreated the redness becomes more consistent and blood vessels and pimples develop.  In severe cases rhinophyma (swollen and bumpy bulbous nose) can develop.  The cause is unknown but there are various theories that include irritation of follicles, sun damage, factors related to blood flow, microscopic skin mites (Demodex), abnormal immune or inflammatory response and skin bacteria. Facial stinging, burning and itching are common symptoms.  Rosacea can also affect the eyes.  Lifestyle and environmental conditions can aggravate rosacea.  Dr Hayag can review common rosacea triggers and discuss treatment.  There is no cure for rosacea but there are medical treatments that can control symptoms.  Medical treatments include topical creams and oral antibiotics. Laser treatment for Rosacea can also be used to remove blood vessels. If you’re looking for a right treatment for Rosacea then contact our board certified dermatologist in New York.

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